The First Two Base Stations Are Up And Running

Over the last week, the first green shoots of the Sigfox network have sprung up on the rooftops of downtown Vilnius. Two little antennas, overshadowed by the huge GSM emitters, have been assiduously listening to all Sigfox messages sent by IoT devices from as far away as Vievis.
We've spent the last few days testing the network, running around the city with smart thermometers, motion detectors and CO2 meters to see how messages were being relayed into the cloud.
The actual coverage is pretty close to the simulation, although we'll have to double-check the new office buildings, where radio waves sometimes have to go through as many as eight glass panes before hitting an antenna outside. To achieve inside coverage of these glass towers, GSM operators run a spider web of wires through all the halls and meeting rooms, and connect it all to a base station in the basement. With Sigfox, the more powerful devices worked just fine, but if a client wants to deploy a thousand devices for a smart office solution, we'll commission a dedicated base station to save energy and get those 5 years of battery life per device.