The First Batch Of Equipment Has Arrived!

After one month of introductions, coordination and planning, things are getting real. The first batch of equipment - complete with antennas, base stations, low noise amplifiers, etc., has arrived on Monday straight from Sigfox's warehouses in the south of France.
As I opened one box and picked up an antenna, I was overcome by a wave of excitement and angst. This small tube of aluminum would spend the next few years hanging hundreds of feet up in the air, through winds and storms and sunshine and snow, harvesting millions and billions of tiny electromagnetic impulses - messages from connected devices all over Lithuania.
Maybe in the future, one of these antennas would catch and send to the Internet cloud messages from my own electric meter, telling the utility company how much electricity I used that day. Maybe another antenna will catch a message from a leakage detector from above my parents' apartment, saving their furniture and our family pictures from flooding.
Time to hang these babies up all over Lithuania!